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Deborah L. Mack

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As a full-time practicing attorney and mother, I understand the need to take care of your family. I worked while getting my MBA and raising my child, and I understand the busy schedule that you endure while entering litigation. I deal primarily with consumer bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, financial planning, offer in compromise, and will continue to work with you until your case is resolved. I follow an ethical and legal process, including guarding against robo-signers and predatory lending. After 14 years as a legal support staff and over 20 years as a general practice lawyer, I know how to focus on individuals, families and their financial distress. I make sure our clients feel reassured knowing that they are working with someone who understands them. I come from a humble background and understand the needs of the everyday worker and that red tape can be very confusing. I am here with a pair of scissors. Almost all of my new clients feel a tremendous relief when they leave after their first visit. We slice through all the fancy legal words and address the issues head on from a practical approach.

As a lawyer and small business owner, I understand the need for extensive research into budgeting and credit. I represent and provide the knowledge to develop street-wise financial awareness strategies that our clients use on a daily basis to keep them afloat in these tough financial times.

For the best legal assistance in Richland and Ashland Ohio, trust me and my dedicated staff to work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you. I truly believe that justice is the most important aspect of any case, and for which we will always fight. If you or a family member have a legal or financial issue or wish to know what options you have regarding an ongoing case, please contact our office. I look forward to helping you.

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Eliminate Your Debt


Nobody wants to live in debt, and nobody wants to deal with bankruptcy. However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a great option for you. Turn to Attorney Debbie Mack, JD/MBA to discuss your options.

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate some or all of your debt, putting you back on track to financial independence. With an attorney by your side, you can stand a better chance at fighting your creditors to lower or eliminate your debt.

Contact our office today to schedule a bankruptcy consultation. We serve Lexington, Richland County, OH and the entire local area.


Another option for wiping out your debt is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This type of filing restructures your debts and creates a payment plan you can handle. A bankruptcy attorney can work with you and your creditors to create a plan that suits your needs.

Whether you need to file for bankruptcy or find another way to pay your debts, team up with our law firm to get on the right path. We've helped thousands of clients file for bankruptcy and thousands more to avoid filing. Email us now to discuss Chapter 13 bankruptcy with an experienced lawyer.