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Want to know what you can find out about yourself on the Internet?  

In less than 30 minutes, you can access free government information to help you verify tax information from the IRS and Ohio Dept. of Tax, in addition to establishing prior earnings from Social Security and for you to calculate amounts if you have to apply for disability and to determine retirement benefits at various ages.  


Examples:  Last week, we had a gentleman who had not filed taxes since 2017.  He is logging into the IRS site to gather 1099 and W-2 forms.  A distraught lady has to file for SSD so she is logging into the Social Security website to see what she will earn.


  1. Get info from the IRS quickly by going to the to view your tax account and receive tax transcripts.

You can view:

  • The total amount you owe, including balance details by year
  • Your payment history and any scheduled or pending payments
  • Key information from your most recent tax return
  • Payment plan details, if you have one
  • Digital copies of select notices from the IRS
  • Your Economic Impact Payments, if any
  • Your address on file
  • Authorization requests from tax professionals

You can also:

  • Make a payment online
  • See payment plan options and request a plan via Online Payment Agreement
  • Access your tax records via Get Transcript
  • Approve or reject authorization requests from tax professionals


You will need to have ready some information about yourself to register

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Tax filing status
  • Current address

**IMPT** You need a financial account to register

To verify your identity, the IRS needs a number from ONE of your financial accounts. The can use any of the following:

  • Last 8 digits of Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card OR
  • Student loan OR
  • Mortgage or home equity loan OR
  • Home equity line of credit OR
  • Auto loan

You will only need to provide the loan account number or a few digits from a credit card number. We only use this information to verify your identity. You will not be charged any money and are not sharing any account balances or other financial information with them.   The IRS cannot verify debit cards, corporate cards, American Express, Barclays, or some cards issued by banks in U.S. territories. Additionally, the IRS cannot verify student loans issued by Nelnet.

A soft inquiry will show up on your credit report to let you know that the IRS accessed your credit report information. This will not increase or decrease your credit score and lenders will not be able to see this.

If you do not have the above information, you can complete the form 4506T:

  1. Likewise, on the State of Ohio, Dept of Taxation website, you can view or print transcripts of previously filed returns (up to the last 10 years), and Ohio 1099-G or 1099-INT forms (up to the last five years).


  1. Similarly, you can open up an account at to request a replacement Social Security card and obtain this information:

So, if you are not receiving benefits:


And, if you are receiving benefits:

  1. BMV –

Go to “My BMV Profile” drivers license number, date of birth, last four of social security number, first initial of last name.  Pulls up all vehicles titled in your name.  Can go to another tab for date of birth, last four of Social Security number and full name without drivers license number.   You can also go to your driving record to check for points, reinstatement requirements and fees.  So if you need to file bankruptcy, the reinstatement fee is generally dischargeable in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Check for recalls; and play around with it to pull up license plate numbers/letters for each vehicle. 

  1. Credit information

We can help you obtain this information if you need assistance.

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