Why Estate Planning is Important to you!

It’s important to remember the act of planning in and of itself organizes you to meet the surprises of the future with more nimbleness. You sow the field in good weather, so you can reap the harvest and eat in bad weather. The farm analogy rings true for Estate Planning. Having a solid estate plan that reflects your priorities can ensure you and your family are covered in unexpected situations. If you were suddenly killed in a car accident, it would leave your family facing possible bills, creditors, and tax headaches. But if you do your due diligence, obtaining the right insurance, and established trusts, you can shield his loved ones from creditors, helped his estate bypass problematic taxation and gave his wife funds (through the insurance) to raise the family. Knowing that your plans are solid lets you be more carefree and spontaneous. Form follows function. It is a lot easier (and less scary) to cross a bridge when there’s a sturdy railing.

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