Estate Planning

Avoid thousands of dollars and probate court by going through our checklist so that all your assets pay or transfer on death.

As to a house, having a house titled with survivorship language is great but if both owners die, then the owners need to have filed legal documents to easily have the house transfer upon their death. So, if both spouses die in same accident, then their beneficiaries can easily receive title with minimal cost. With just a death certificate and sometimes one more form from a lawyer, the title can transfer to you without the cost of probate fees, fiduciary fees, attorney fees and waiting. Otherwise, beneficiaries could pay $3,500 to have a house transfer into their names.

As to vehicles, Ohio lets surviving spouses receive up to a certain value of vehicles. You can have vehicles transfer by filing a document with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

As to bank accounts and other financial accounts, those need a backup person as beneficiary if your spouse dies in that same accident.

We also have wills, child care authorizations, financial powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, living wills, and donor designations.

All documents are prepared, signed, recorded or sent to respective agencies. We then scan in the final form and store this information and other important information that you want your beneficiaries to access after your incapacity or death.

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