Very great lawyer

She is a very very very honest, and she listens to everything you say. She’ll never lie to you. I recommend her very highly. She gets the job done. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I’m happy that she’s my lawyer, I’m very pleased and thank full that she took the time to explain everything to me. She is the best and the real deal. Thank you for your time. Christopher.



I landed in Debbie’s office, after many calls and referrals, to help me with a business and personal financial mess. She was recommended by several of her colleagues as just the experience I needed. After years of unfiled and late filed returns, I found myself over my head scared. My life has had its ups and downs and I made some mistakes. Big mistakes. She kept me focused on moving forward and resolving things. Debbie has made herself available. Has been honest and reminds me to take care of me. She has helped me each step of the way and I’m not sure how I would have done this without her. She takes the time to listen. Strategize and most importantly answers your questions and concerns and keeps you informed. I’d recommend her for any debt or financial issue, she is not only experienced. Successful. Professional but caring.


A Lawyer with Dignity

The experience I have had with this attorney has been nothing but caring and professional. My experience has been nothing but positive and timely. I would recommend this attorney to anybody solely based on a brilliant attorney that cares.



My late husband and I had been wrongfully put through foreclosure with our bank. Five years, four court appearances (in our favor) and two attorneys later…it still had not been resolved even with the bank admitting they had made a mistake. We FINALLY found Debbie and with in two months our mortgage was reinstated AND she got the bank to make right for their mistake. From the first meeting, Debbie gave us hope that things would be made right and they were! I was blown away by the number of times SHE (not someone from her staff) would call just to check on us. Not only were we fighting with the bank, we were also fighting for my husband’s life. He had battled colon cancer for 4 years…with 3 different rounds of tumors and chemo. Unfortunately…he lost his battle…but what amazed me was the compassion Debbie showed. She has checked on me several times and reaches out just to see how the kids and I are doing. WHAT ATTORNEY DOES THAT?! I would STRONGLY recommend Attorney Deborah Mack to anyone who needs an attorney who gets real life and has understanding for her clients and GETS THE JOB DONE RIGHT!!!


Above and Beyond Expectations!

I have hired this attorney on many occasions and every time she has gone above and beyond my expectations for an attorney. She made my issues as stress free as possible and always returned my phone calls. I absolutely recommend this attorney to anybody who needs immediate help during their most stressful times.



At a time in my husband and my lives we felt defeated and nowhere to turn we went to Debbie and in one call was seen same day and in a matter of no more than an hour she had it all figured out for us. We are able to sleep now without worries and actually answer our phones without fear of having to argue with creditors. Absolutely amazing is the best way we can explain her services. She made us feel like family like have known each other for years. She’s simply the best.



Ms. Mack helped my husband and I file bankruptcy after we were forced to close our business. Having to close a business is heartbreaking and embarrassing – it’s also very expensive. We knew the business expenses would not stop once we closed but we could not afford to continue to pour money into a failing business. The decision was difficult and unavoidable. Ms. Mack was very supportive to us during this process. It was a comfort to work with her. She was insightful and gave us several options during the process. She understood the position we were in and, I believe, helped us learn valuable information about our finances in the process. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and family who find themselves in the position my husband and I were in. I am very grateful to Ms. Mack.


Trustworthy, Devoted,
Honest & Reliable

These are the words that come to mind when I think of Attorney Debbie Mack. She has become my family attorney who has and is guiding me through one of the most challenging times of my life. She & her team are extremely intelligent when dealing with mortgage loan modifications to include Save the Dream & HARP programs. This knowledge kept me in my home & eliminated my second mortgage. Not to mention the financial nightmare I was left to clean up after a divorce. She has shown me nothing but kindness & respect during my hardship as well as tackling legal issues with student loans. We have been on a long journey together & I consider her one of the hardest working attorney’s in the area.


A review from a
Realtor in Mansfield

From my first contact with the attorney Debbie Mack office I was impressed with the rapid response to my requests. My real estate clients are going through a stressful time in their lives and appreciate her knowledgeable and compassionate legal guidance. All of my clients documents are filed in a timely fashion and even years later when documents are ask for they are made available completely and immediately. The staff at attorney Mack’s office are very professional and answer questions to our satisfaction or find the answers and call me back immediately. Our professional relationship has grown over the years to a first name basis. I do recommend Debbie to all of my clients who have need of her services and I have the utmost confidence in the ability of her office to service her clients in the same fashion I serve mine.


Simply The Best

I have referred clients to Debbie for years including my own family. I never thought I would need her myself. but I was wrong. It was a very difficult time in our lives. She is compassionate and understanding. I am very pleased I took my own advise. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a fresh start. Everyone of my needs and expectations were met in a timely manner. I am finally sleeping and have some joy in my life. Thanks for being simply the best.